Fluid Management


Fluid management systems demand excellence and attention to detail, from developing a specialized supply chain for valves, tubing, and pumps, to using the right test processes for product quality and reliability without affecting usability or shelf life. That’s why Benchmark offers full product realization services for fluid management medical devices, applying our expertise to ensure that all parts of your system work together to deliver the best patient care. Whether you opt to partner with us from early technology development or bring us your design for supply chain development and manufacturing, our expertise in fluid management makes us the ideal partner to get your system to market. 


Our Medical Device Centers of Excellence in Rochester, Minnesota, and Almelo, Netherlands, understand the complexities of fluid management systems. With experience in blood processing, dialysis, diabetes care, drug delivery, and more, we know how to engineer for system dynamics and help solve challenging small-scale, electro-mechanical requirements. And, when it is time for New Product Introduction, our manufacturing teams continue to partner with design engineering to address any issues that arise and ensure quality. 

When you leverage our engineering expertise, you also gain access to our mature fluid management supply chain. We know how to select the right pumps and valves to appropriately address vibration, dampening, and system harmonics. Our specialty suppliers provide parts that ensure performance. 


Test development and execution for fluid management systems are uniquely challenging. Benchmark develops tests that go beyond standard electronic testing to validate pumping mechanisms, measure fluids, and check for leaks. Benchmark has even developed dry test processes that offer the functional equivalency of wet processes, including conducting validation to prove equivalency. 

We understand the requirements for conducting tests when fluids are involved to maintain system sterilization, as well as monitoring temperature and atmospheric pressure to accurately test and ensure your product is reliable every time.

  • Electronics miniaturization strategies to optimize designs for benchtop or wearable applications
  • Industrial design to optimize form and function
  • Microfluidics design building blocks for gas, fluid, and electrical connections
  • Specialty parts selection and supply chain development
  • Overall system design
  • Specialized fluidics system test development
  • Automated manufacturing for high-volume microfluidics cartridges
  • Manufacturing and test with appropriate temperature and atmospheric pressure controls


Benchmark understands the challenges of designing reliable electrical, gas, and fluid connections between your device and the external, all while ensuring optimal user experience. We even developed design building blocks for cartridges and interfaces to reduce your development costs and speed time to market. We can support your device and higher volume production with automation for efficient, precise assembly of cartridges and other disposables. 

When you leverage our engineering and manufacturing expertise, you also gain access to our mature microfluidics supply chain. We know how to select the right pumps, valves, tubing, and more to appropriately address vibration, dampening, and system harmonics. Our specialty suppliers provide parts that ensure performance.

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