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Decking makes for a top choice if you would like a structure that not brings a functional expansion to your property but also bring visual appeal for your outdoor space. There are different design options that you can select from for a decking along with different materials. Whatever type of deck you decide on, there are different points to consider before any installation can be made. With Craigieburn Landscaping, you will not only find a variety of options but our professionals will ensure all factors are taken into account for your decking needs.



With decking, you’ll find that the best option to have for its material is hardwood timber. Not only is it a highly durable material, but it also has a selection of wood types you can choose from to match any style. To have your style and budget needs are met for your decking project, Craigieburn Landscaping will ensure that the following factors are met:

The Positioning

How you have your deck placed will help determine the transition from your property to the outdoor space is as smooth as possible. By consulting our service, you can also have the best room for your decking to be accessed from in your property.

The Sizing

The size of your deck is mainly determined by how much room you would like to have to hold activities and entertain guests. Aside from this, other factors can help determine what size of decking would work best for your property

External Stairs

If there is a need/want for access to a lower level from the deck, stairs are one of the first things to consider when installing a deck. Depending on how they are placed, stairs can impact the sizing of your deck plus the requirements for additional landings/footings, etc.

The Roofing

The main point you will want to consider with your roofing is how watertight/weatherproof, insulated you would like it to be. You may also need to have the roof attachment, shape, and height assessed for your decking and our professional service can help you do just that.

Other Decking Features

These other features are mainly the possible additions of solid-walled areas to support benches or the inclusion of storage cupboards. You may also want to consider the addition of blinds for privacy or afternoon/morning sun protection.

Aside from the noted factors before decking installation, you may also want to consider what options you would like for points like your decking floor or the need for handrails/balustrades should stairs be added. You can be assured that Craigieburn Landscaping can help determine what type of deck would work for you.


We at Craigieburn Landscaping aim to deliver quality service with a range of options for our customers to choose from for their decking needs. If you choose to consult with us for your decking, you can be assured that all points for your decking project are met from the planning stage up to completion. With a variety of options for you to select from, you can be sure that our professionals will have your decking meet a balance of style and functionality. If you are unsure of what would work for you, you can call our hotline to learn more about our services.