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Patios & Pergolas

There are different options to select from if you are looking to add a structure to your outdoor space. Out of the different options though, if you are looking for a structure that can be versatile in design and help maximize your outdoor space, a patio or pergola would be a good choice. A patio is generally an extension of your property that can provide shade while enjoying the outdoors. While a pergola can offer the same, the difference with this structure is that it can either be attached or free-standing.

Depending on what can be applied to your outdoor space, either a patio or pergola can deliver different benefits for your property. When choosing a service like Craigieburn Landscaping to work on either structure, you’ll find there is a variety of options to choose from. Both structures offer a selection in finishes, design details, and materials. Whatever structure you choose to have installed, patios and pergolas can offer different choices and advantages in installation and for your outdoor space.



Patios and pergolas can offer different choices in terms of design and materials. While both structures hold several similarities, patios and pergolas can offer different features for your property and outdoor space. With patios, you can have them feature fixtures that can have them blend in with your landscape. Aside from this, patios can provide different layouts and roofs. As for pergolas, the following are some of its notable style options:

Gable Pergolas: A design that can also be found in patios and mainly features rafters cut at angles and meet in the middle of the construction at a ridge.

Level Pergolas: This design is encouraged to have a 5-degree pitch at a minimum to allow water run-down but is versatile enough to allow a lining with a timber ceiling

Dome Pergolas: One of the more modern pergola designs that feature a curved roof and empowers hot air rise to allow a cooler space with its height

While patios and pergolas can hold different features with their designs, both structures offer several benefits.


As versatile structures that can both provide a shade to enjoy the outdoors and maximize your outdoor space. More than this though, patios and pergolas can provide the following for your property:

  • An additional space to entertain guests and provide a shade to enjoy the outdoors during any weather or season
  • A highly durable structure that can be versatile in its materials and is generally low in maintenance
  • Given its versatility in design, patios and pergolas can provide an increase to your property’s value
  • With a service like Craigieburn Landscaping, you can be ensured of different fixtures, decorations, and accents you can choose to add to either structure
  • Generally hassle-free in installation, Craigieburn Landscaping can deliver a smooth application of the structures to your property/outdoor structure


When choosing to work with Craigieburn Landscaping, you will find a wide selection of finishes, design details, and materials for your choice of patio or pergolas. We hold years of working on different landscaping projects under our belt and can assure that no project is too big or small and any structure you choose to have will be installed hassle-free and meet your landscaping needs. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer with our patios and pergolas, you can call our hotline for your first consultation.