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When it comes to maximizing the visual appeal of outdoor areas like your patio, driveway, pathway, or balcony, incorporating pavers is a good option to consider. Pavers are slabs and blocks made from a wide variety of materials such as brick (clay), concrete, flagstone, marble, or travertine to create an alternative flooring for different outdoor spaces.

There are two ways that you can have this laid down is to either have it interlocking or just plain old slabs. Whether big or small, there are different benefits to be had with a paving project, especially when you choose to have a professional service like Craigieburn Landscaping to help install them.



As a natural paving material that is produced without the use of artificial additives, pavers can also bring out different alluring aesthetics for other areas like pool decks, planters, and fire pits. More than improving the visual appeal of the area it is applied to, paving can also offer the following:

Longevity and Durability

Due to its interlocking feature, pavers allow expansion and contraction, which prevents surface cracks. You’ll also find that due to their combined strength, continuing abrasion resistance, and flexibility, pavers are highly durable against exposure to elements, harsh weather conditions, and heavy payloads. In comparison to material like cement, the surface created by pavers is immediately usable thus making it a hassle-free material to work with.

Low Maintenance

With pavers being a stone type of material, you will find that maintenance is mainly to regularly sweep or rinse its surface with a garden hose. You may have the water mixed in with some cleaning detergent soap if necessary. Aside from this, you can also opt to level the sand underneath the pavers to prevent it from shifting and becoming uneven.

Cost-Effective Way to Increase Property Value

In comparison to other floorings, paving provides an economical option with its durability. More than this, pavers can offer the option of being replaceable. With clay paving, when there is damage, you simply have to lift the affected pieces and slot in a new one its place. Because of this, not only do you get to save funds from any possible maintenance work but you can also increase your property value depending on the style you select.

Versatility in Style

As stated, there are different ways that pavers can be applied to different spaces. With a service like Craigieburn Landscaping, you can be sure to have a myriad of shapes, colours, and patterns to choose from for your paving. To ensure that your style goal is met for your pavers, you can consult our specialists to help meet distinctive specifications and preferences. If choosing a style is not enough, you can also consult on what type of paver would work best for your chosen space.


By choosing to work with Craigieburn Landscaping, you can be assured of quality service with a range of retaining wall options to choose from. Having worked years in a variety of landscaping projects, no work is too big or too small for us. Whether you are looking for a more modern concrete paver for a unique look or a more classic style, we at Craigieburn Landscaping will ensure that all your paving needs are met. To learn more about our services, you may contact our hotline and can have your first consultation with us for your landscaping project.