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Turf Laying

When you are deciding on how you would like your landscape to look, turf laying is an option to go for. It is a landscaping solution that can help rejuvenate your garden and has two options. You can have the turf either natural or synthetic. Either option is viable for your landscape aesthetic wise but both offer different features to consider. What’s more, there are also different types of grasses you will want to select from to match your style. With a service like Craigieburn Landscaping, you will find that there are different options and benefits to consider with turf laying.



There is a selection of grasses to choose from for turf-laying. Before you can make a selection though, there are different factors you will need to consider. Mainly what conditions it will be facing and what type of landscape it will be applied to. Each grass variety have different features and some of them are as follows:

Soft-Leaf Buffalo: A grass that has broad leaves and is highly durable. It is soft to the touch and one of the easier to maintain grasses

Zoysia: Featuring a strong density that makes it highly durable, this grass deals well with both drought and shade

Couch Grass: A quick-growing grass that is very durable but not very shade resistant.

Kikuyu: Having medium-sized leaves, this grass variety flourishes under sunlight but can get out of control with how fast-growing it is and thus will require high maintenance.

Fescue: A visually appealing grass that thrives well in locations near water but takes time to become established, and doesn’t deal well with drought.

Hybrid Bermuda: This is a fine leaf grass that is quick growing and high in maintenance. It is ideal for situations where grass needs to be kept short though

Aside from the noted grass varieties, other types that you can choose from includes the following:

  • Matilda Buffalo
  • Palmetto Buffalo
  • Sapphire Buffalo
  • Sir Walter Buffalo

Whatever grass variety you decide on, you will also need to consider whether a natural or synthetic type of turf would work best for your landscape.


Both turfs have their pros and cons for your landscape but when it comes to selecting what would work better, the following factors are the best points to consider:


Both turf types can provide different visual appeals depending on the type of look you are aiming to have for your landscape. Given the development of synthetic grass, you can consult with a professional service if you are unsure of what would work better.

Durability and Maintenance

When comparing which turf would last longer, natural turf can last a lifetime with proper care while synthetic turf can only last 15 years in maximum. With natural turf, to have it last as long as it does, it needs to be regularly watered, mowed, fertilized and weeded to maintain its beauty. Synthetic turf on the other hand mainly requires brushing, grooming, and refilling every two years.

Environmental Impact

Whichever turf type that you select, natural and synthetic turfs offer different pros and cons environmentally wise. While a natural turf can help in producing oxygen and lessening greenhouse gases and other pollutants, it requires regular water consumption and fertilizers that may contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. If you choose synthetic turf, though there are fewer chemicals involved, the turf’s plastic material is less than environmental sound.

Given the different factors in considering the two, it may come down to your preference on what type of turf you would like to apply. Should you consult with a service like Craigieburn Landscaping, you can be assured of not only many options but also a quality service for your turf laying needs.


We at Craigieburn Landscaping can assure that our customers will have their choice in service options with quality service. Whether it is to determine what turf would work best or ensuring all your preferences are met for your landscaping project, our professionals will ensure a smooth process from start to end. If you are unsure of the services we have to offer at Craigieburn Landscaping, you can have your first consultation with us via our phone number.