5 Tips to Build a Sustainable Garden in Your Landscape

Having a sustainable garden in your landscape is not just a trend. It is an excellent lifestyle choice that can be beneficial not just for today but also for the next generations. With its productive and eco-friendly solutions, you can have a healthy and beautiful garden while minimizing your carbon footprint and avoiding excessive use of important resources.

At Craigieburn Landscaping, we want our customers to learn more about sustainable landscaping because it can help conserve resources, sustain wildlife and improve air, soil and water quality. Moreover, it is also an effective way to save money and time without compromising your specifications for your garden. So if you would like to give it a try, look into the tips that we will share with you so you can get started in building a sustainable garden in your landscape.

Stick to Organic

Choosing an organic gardening solution is an ecologically sound and cost-friendly decision for your garden. Since you will be using fewer chemicals and fertilizers to grow your plants and trees, you can improve your soil’s tilth and enjoy your harvest without worries. You can start having an organic garden by using natural compost as fertilizer and trying eco-friendly treatments to get rid of pests and insects in your garden.

Try Mulching

Mulching around shrubs, perennials, and trees is a great way to keep them healthy and protect them from pests and weeds. It is a popular gardening technique that uses bark, leaves, wood chips or other organic material to cover the soil. Doing so can help preserve the moisture in the soil as well as enhance the soil’s condition. Besides that, mulching is an affordable way to keep your plants healthy because it can effectively increase water infiltration and prevent soil compaction, especially during the dry season.

Cultivate Your Own Food

Maximize the use of your garden and save some money on groceries. Why not try growing some vegetables, fruits and herbs. Having a sustainable garden can be your first step in sustainable living. Doing so can ensure that the vegetables you are cooking are safe from harmful chemicals and fertilizers because you let them grow using organic gardening techniques. If you would like to grow vegetables and fruits in your garden, it is best to look for crops that are in season so you can have an abundant harvest.

Build Up Organic Matter

If you want to boost the condition of your soil and grow healthy plants and vegetables, try integrating organic matter in your yard. Organic matter such as plant residues, animal manure, compost and minerals can help retain moisture and nutrients in the soil. They can also be the food to the essential fungi and bacteria in the soil, so you will no longer need to apply synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Opt for Native Plants

Instead of planting imported and expensive plants, why not try growing native plants. Since native plants are naturally acclimated to the weather conditions, amount of rainfall and soil type in your area, they will require minimal maintenance and care once they have established roots. Moreover, native plants usually require less water and fertilizers to thrive because they are an indigenous host and shelter for butterflies and other insects in your place.


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