4 Excellent Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Patio Warm During Winter

Winter is coming, but you don’t really have to say goodbye to your enjoyable time in your outdoor space. Although Australia has fairly temperate weather throughout the year, there are still months where you have to unearth some sweaters and extra blankets to deal with the chill of winter.

It can be a bit uncomfortable during the cold months to entertain guests and relax on your patio or deck. Even if you want to talk with your guests while appreciating the scenic views in your outdoor area, the dropping temperature can make it a lot harder. That is why at Craigieburn Landscaping, our team wants to help our clients prepare their outdoors so they can still maximize the use of their patio and have fun even when the season changes.

Check out the excellent ways to keep your outdoor patio warm so you can make your exteriors enjoyable for you, your family and your visitors, even during the cold winter months.

Add Outdoor Fire Pits

Would you like to gather your family or close friends on your patio to spend some time together or celebrate simple occasions even when it is winter? Then, it might be best to add a cost-efficient solution to keep everybody warm – invest in fire pits. Since there are portable and permanent fire pits offered in the market, you can conveniently find the one that will fit your budget.

The portable fire pits usually cost around $50 each. It is a quick and efficient solution to instantly add a heat source to your patio because you can just buy one the same day you are hosting a simple gathering. On the other hand, permanent fire pits are an excellent option for property owners who wish to incorporate a heat source that will keep them warm and significantly boost their landscape design. Professionals typically install these types of fire pits.

Create A Stunning Fireplace

At Craigieburn Landscaping, we also recommend adding an outdoor fireplace to a patio. It is an effective heat source that can immediately take the chill out of the winter air and substantially upscale your exteriors’ curb appeal. The expert designers in our team can craft a fireplace that will complement the ambience and style of your outdoor patio or other landscaping features. Although this option can be a bit more expensive than a fire pit, it is certainly more attractive and can become a focal point on your patio.

Use A Chimenea

You can also try a more affordable option which is the chimenea. It is a freestanding portable fireplace typically made from clay, but some are also made from cast iron or aluminium. Chimeneas are a great alternative for patios running low on space because it is smaller than other heat sources. Although chimeneas are commonly used for cooking or baking, they can also be utilized as a unique garden décor or an affordable heating option for patios.

Add Some Outdoor Curtains

After finding a good heat source, you have to ensure that you can keep the warmth in your patio. If you have a covered patio, outdoor curtains can be a great addition, especially during the winter months. The curtains will help block the frigid wind, and they can also add privacy to your patio. However, if you are using a fire pit or have a fireplace on your patio, make sure to keep your outdoor curtains at a safe distance to prevent a fire hazard.


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