5 Simple Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away in Your Outdoor Area

With the warmer weather sneaking in the corner, people are likely to spend more time in their outdoor living areas. Decks and patios are an excellent spot to appreciate the scenic views, enjoy the refreshing breeze and bond with family and friends. Whether you just plan to relax and make the most of your staycation or celebrate and have a simple outdoor party, you can do it all in the comfort of your own outdoor living area. Inviting close friends and colleagues over might be a good idea, but there is always one unwanted guest that might crash your fun party – mosquitoes.

At Craigieburn Landscaping, we do our best to provide our customers with landscaping solutions that can significantly improve their property and lifestyle. Besides that, we also aim to impart some helpful tips on how our customers can make the most of their outdoor living space no matter the season. That is why our team will share with you some simple ways on how you can get rid of these blood-sucking pests in your decks and patios. Try them out so you can relax and have fun in your outdoor areas whenever you want.

Use citronella candles.

If you are not fond of having large mosquito traps or repellent lamps in your deck or patios because it will look awkward in the aesthetic appeal of the space, you can try using tiki torches or citronella candles instead.

Tiki torches come in attractive designs that will add a rustic appeal to your space. Since you can fill it with citronella fuel, it will also help keep the mosquitoes away in your outdoor living area. Citronella candles can also be a good alternative to regular scented ones. However, remember that tiki torches and citronella candles are only considered short-term solutions, and there are also times when they can’t effectively ward off all mosquitoes.

Set up fans.

Since mosquitoes are not strong fliers, you can try setting up a few oscillating fans in your deck or patio. These fans can help blow them away. You can find the best spots in your outdoor area where you can plug in the oscillating fans. Through that, you will not only keep the mosquitoes and bugs away but also have nice and refreshing air to keep your guests comfortable even in the middle of a sunny day.

Have mosquito-repelling plants.

As mentioned above, the Citronella plant is a natural repellent for mosquitoes. With its lush and vibrant green foliage, lovely pink-purple flower and unique scent that mosquitoes hate, the Citronella Germanium plant has been a favourite for many homeowners. You can just plant them near your outdoor living space, such as your deck, patio or pergola. However, if you can’t find Citronella, you can also try other effective mosquito-repelling plants such as marigolds, calendula, lemongrass, mint and rosemary.

Try insect repellents.

If there are still mosquitoes after you have tried various pre-emptive solutions, you can just try some mosquito repellents. Spray repellents may be unpleasant for some people, but they can help keep the mosquitoes away for some time. Other options you can try are repellent lotions or wipes. These products can be applied directly onto the skin so they will not spread through the air. However, if you will use mosquito repellent lotions or wipes, you should read how often you should reapply it because not all of them are created equal, and their effectiveness may vary as time lapses.

Call the professionals.

If you think that the mosquitoes in your yard or outdoor area are growing in number and simple remedies are not working, it might be time to find a long-term solution for it. Hire a professional that can take care of the mosquitoes in your area. They can offer you barrier spray solutions that can keep your space mosquito-free for up to three weeks. Besides that, they can also give you various seasonal packages for you to save more. On the other hand, you can also schedule a one-time spray solution if you plan to have an outdoor gathering the next day.


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